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The ongoing efforts to halt driving under the influence in Florida has led some law enforcement officers to be too persistent in their efforts, and there have been many cases where innocent people have received terrible consequences of fines and prison sentences for a situation that was not their fault. Our team of DUI manslaughter defense attorneys at Alers Law Firm is determined to provide full justice for you if you have been wrongfully charged or need powerhouse defense against your accusation.

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Defense Strategies Against DUI Manslaughter Charges

The penalties for manslaughter of driving under the influence are extremely severe, resulting in up to $10,000, up to 15 years in prison, up to 15 more years of probation, and the revoking of your driver’s license. To help rescue you from such damaging effects, our lawyers have several lines of defense.

Some of the most successful ways of defending our clients include:

  • Proving an illegal traffic stop – A police officer is only allowed to halt an automobile if that officer has probable cause that the driver has committed either illegal traffic behavior or has otherwise committed some crime.In many cases, the officer was either mistaken for stopping the vehicle, or was purposely entrapping the driver without good cause. This would require that the prosecution completely dismiss the entire case.
  • Failure to correctly conduct field sobriety tests – Field sobriety tests are designed to fail the subject taking them. Many times, those who are declared “impaired” by these tests turn out to have been sober, or drank minimal amounts of alcohol that do not go beyond legal boundaries. An officer often does not know the driver’s “normal” condition. The driver might have physical issues, injuries, diseases, or disabilities, which make them unable to accurately meet the test’s performance standards. It would be unfair for someone who simply has arthritis or poor vision to be accused of “failing” the sobriety tests due to their physical condition.
  • Lack of probable cause – An officer may only arrest a driver for being under the influence if there were clear indications that the driver was acting under controlled substances or had been drinking alcoholic beverages, to the point of impairment. Just because a driver has the “smell of alcohol” cannot count, particularly since alcohol odors linger on those who have been in their presence, even if they themselves have not drank any. Videos often indicate that drivers were not behaving in a way that justified a claim of “impairment” and can demonstrate the entire case is unreasonable.

Is DUI Manslaughter Considered a Violent crime in Florida?

In Florida, DUI manslaughter is considered a violent crime. Charges that were from an accident that results in in harm to another are classified as violent crimes, and this includes Florida DUI Manslaughter.

Hire an Experienced DUI Manslaughter Lawyer in Orange

There are many instances where your accusation of driving under the influence can be dismissed on the grounds that you are completely innocent and were not at all impaired by the influence of alcohol or drugs. There are also many cases where law enforcement has not made legal and fair practice in their arrests. However, the only way to completely convince the courts is through the work of a team of powerful and determined Orlando DUI manslaughter attorneys.

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