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In the State of Florida, burglary is punished as a severe offense with harsh fines and prison sentences. Unfortunately, in many cases, those who face these charges are either completely innocent or have only committed a minor offense. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is the only crime these victims have committed, yet they are still forced to suffer the same penalties of those who actually deserve them.

If you are facing a burglary charge, whether of a dwelling, structure, or an automobile or any other method of conveyance, you are not alone. Our Orlando burglary lawyers are highly experienced at convincing juries and judges to see the truth of your situation. The attorneys at Alers Law Firm are all dedicated to serving the course of justice in helping you find freedom from your burglary allegations.

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Types of Burglary

There are a number of different circumstances of burglary in the State of Florida. It is important to know their requirements, as well as their penalties, so that our burglary lawyer can find the best form of defense.

The three primary types of burglary include:

    • Burglary of a dwelling – A dwelling can be any building with a roof, designed to hold people who are sleeping during the night. The surrounding property also is counted under this definition. Going inside this dwelling or remaining after the dwelling has been closed is deemed a second-degree felony. It is subject to a maximum of fifteen years in prison, fifteen years of probation, and a $10,000 fine.
    • Burglary of a structure – A structure is similar to a dwelling, except it does not need to and can be either as occupied or unoccupied. This type of burglary, of illegally entering a structure or remain there past opening hours, also has hard consequences. The penalties for burglary in an unoccupied structure can have the maximum fines of $10,000, as well as a maximum of five years of prison and five years of probation.
    • Burglary of a conveyance – Conveyances are vehicles, cars, trailers, ships, or any other vessel. If you are found illegally entering or remaining in a conveyance after a designated exit time, you could face a second-degree felony or possibly a third-degree felony. Depending on whether the conveyance has been occupied by another person or not, you could be paying a maximum fine of $15,000, as well as be forced to serve 15 years in prison before then fulfilling probation for 15 additional years.

Defenses to Burglary

Fortunately, our skilled bilingual attorneys are highly experienced at successfully defending our clients from burglary charges.

Some example defenses include:

    • Being a bystander – If you are walking with someone who enters a dwelling or structure, committing burglary as defined by the above definitions, you might be charged as being an accomplice even if you have done nothing wrong.
    • Lack of intent – The definition of burglary states that a person must be intending ill purposes in breaking and entering. If you were simply looking for a place to shelter from extreme weather conditions or needed to sleep when you discovered an unoccupied structure, this cannot count as burglary.
    • Open to the public – In many cases, a dwelling could be reasonably found to be “open to the public,” and thus, entry is considered consensual. The State cannot claim that “remaining inside” is illegal unless these consents were explicitly withdrawn.

Reliable Support for Your Burglary Accusation

There are so many distinct contexts and circumstances outlined under burglary laws that it can be overwhelming to figure out which category your plea falls into, and which defense should be made to prove your innocence. Thankfully, Alers Law Firm is ready for any challenge. You can depend on our honest Orlando burglary attorneys to defend you with determination.

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