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Possession of Child Pornography

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Child pornography is one of the most prevalent crimes in the United States, and the law makes every attempt to stamp this crime out of existence. Possession of child pornography involves any knowledgeable possession or viewing of child pornography, which includes photos, files, videos, shows, drawings done physically or by the computer, or any other representations of a child involved in sexual activity or sexual depiction. “Sexual activity” or “conduct” not only includes the actual exhibition of the victim’s or perpetrator’s genitals, buttocks, female breasts, or pubic areas, but also consists of any form of sexual activity, implied or explicit.

These restrictions are designed to safeguard children, our most vulnerable members of society, from the lewd and unlawful desires of perpetrators. However, what happens if you have been accused of child pornography? Courts, juries, and law enforcement are resentful against this crime, and can sometimes be prejudiced when attempting to prosecute defendants. Our Orlando child pornography possession attorneys have found that sadly many innocent defendants have faced harsh penalties for crimes they never committed or committed by accident. This is why you need immediate support from our team at Alers Law Firm.

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Penalties for Child Pornography

The consequences of child pornography are incredibly harsh. At the very least, you could expect a classification of a third-degree felony, designated as a Level 5 offense, which means you could face a maximum fine of $5000, up to 5 years in prison, and up to 5 years of serving probation requirements.

If you are found with more than 10 images of any child pornography, any video involving a child, or any images involving violence, bestiality, or a child under 5, you will be designated as a Level 6 offense. This requires a minimum of 41 months of prison, as well as a maximum number of 15 years in prison and 15 more years serving probation. You will also be required to pay a maximum fine of $10,000.

Defending Against Child Pornography Possession Charges

While we understand the law’s eagerness to end child pornography, our lawyers empathize with those who have been unjustly accused or found with circumstantial evidence.

We have successfully defended many clients using such defenses as:
    • Depiction of adults – In many cases, images of the reported person in question turn out to be ones taken of those who are over the legal age of eighteen. This means those involved in the image, video, or other media depiction are adults, even if they happen to look like they are less than eighteen years of age.
    • Accidental, transitory possession – We have commonly found that those accused of possessing child pornography were accidental participants at no fault of their own. Often times, people may be sent photos or click on online images and videos involving child pornography completely by accident. They will instantly try to delete the file once they understand the graphic content. Nevertheless, images may remain in a phone or computer’s memory cache in the form of a thumbnail. In this unintentional viewing, the defendant certainly cannot be accused of knowledgeably possessing child pornography.

Insightful Defense You Can Count On

Despite their good intentions, sometimes law enforcement and court systems have so much rigor and passion in tackling child pornography that they become quick to assume a defendant’s guilt without giving the accused a fair trial or considering sufficient evidence. At Alers Law Firm, our child pornography defense attorneys can listen with compassion to your background story and circumstances and give you honest counsel regarding your legal options and possibilities. We don’t sugar-coat the truth. Count on our lawyers to powerfully defend your case.

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