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Drug Possession

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Effective Defense Against Drug Possession Charges in Orange County

The State of Florida has increasingly become stricter in both regulating as well as criminalizing people who simply have different pharmacological and narcotic drugs in their possession, whether or not they have actually used the drugs or passed them to anyone else. Just because you have been arrested for possessing these drugs, usually called “controlled substances,” does not necessarily mean such behavior will count as a criminal act.

In many cases, legislature has attempted to implement resolutions to drug possession cases. This is to help those suffering from substance abuse break free of their addiction. The problem is that in many cases there are very specific requirements that would allow for these clear-cut resolutions.

Our ability to resolve your drug possession case depends on a combination of:

  • The exact nature of the crime you have been accused of
  • Your criminal history prior to the accusation
  • Whether there are any available substance abuse treatment programs within your area

Without the powerful advice of a knowledgeable advocate, you are unlikely to succeed in having your case of simple possession be dismissed. This is why you need to seek reliable support from drug possession attorneys in Orlando. Our attorneys at Alers Law Firm can fight your cause when you have been backed into a corner.

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Sentencing Alternatives

If you live in the middle of Florida, multiple sentencing courses exist for those who have been accused of holding drugs in their possession. It is important to know these so that your lawyer can help you fight for the one most applicable to you.

Some of the key alternatives to being sentenced include:

    • Pretrial diversionDirected by the State Attorney’s Office, Pretrial Diversion is a unique program. It usually only serves first-time offenders who have not committed any violent crimes. Like probation, the program requires you to report each month to an officer who will supervise your progression. You would also need to serve hours in the community, get drug testing at random points of time, and not be involved in any crimes. Successful completion would allow you to have all charges removed.
    • Pretrial interventionWhile it may resemble pretrial diversion in many ways, including regular reports, evaluations, and community service, this program is actually more lenient in a way, since the defendant can still apply even with criminal activity listed on their record. Unfortunately, pretrial intervention is not an option that many judges consider. This is why it is crucial that you come to one of our attorneys who can advise you about which specific judge would consider pretrial intervention.
    • Motion to suppress – Sadly, many drug arrests are illegally obtained by law enforcement, sometimes entirely without evidence. In the case that you were arrested on a police “hunch” or unreliable information, or were even induced to illegally possess a substance based on prolonged encounters, our attorneys can file for a motion to exclude all of this circumstantial, unlawful evidence.

Reliable & Knowledgeable Defense

In all the examples of alternatives to sentencing, it is absolutely imperative to have a skilled attorney, since many courts are already prejudiced against those in possession of drugs, even if they were not using them, or only minimally in distinct circumstances. Without one of our reliable attorneys at the Alers Law Firm, you could unjustly be facing terrible consequences.

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