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Due to the increase of weapon violence and gun-related deaths and massacres in the United States, Florida has significantly raised its policy of criminalizing acts involving purchasing, possessing, or using firearms and other weapons. A study in 2016 revealed that over 15,520 deaths, including homicides and mass shootings, were caused by firearms alone. While more rigor is certainly necessary protecting innocent lives, simply restricting all weapon and firearm usage is not the solution either. In many cases, our clients have been unfairly accused of a weapon-related crime, even if they were merely attempting to protect themselves.Get in touch with our Orlando weapons crime attorneys immediately if you believe you are unjustly accused of a weapons crime. Our highly experienced team of advocates can powerfully defend your innocence and work tirelessly against your charge.

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What Are the Types of Weapons & Firearm Charges?

The types of allegations made against defendants in connection to weapons and firearms span a vast range. Our knowledgeable weapons crimes lawyers can analyze all the specific details of your charge and work toward finding the right solution.Examples of the most common allegations of firearm and weapon crimes include:
  • Carrying a firearm or weapon that is hidden or concealed without the appropriate permit
  • Possessing firearms if the holder is a convicted felon or charged with a previous crime
  • Discharging or possessing any destructive device
  • Improperly exhibiting dangerous firearms and weapons on your person or in your vehicle or home
Remember to note that the above allegations deal with firearms and weapons in specific crimes where involving inappropriate acts of utilizing, buying, or holding these firearms and weapons. Weapons and firearm enhancements are a completely different matter and require unique defenses because these additions change the penalties and severity of offense allegations.

What is the 10-20-Life Act?

In the State of Florida, the most renowned law concerning enhancement policies is that of 10-20-Life. Under this act, if a firearm has been discharged or even simply carried in order to commit unlawful and violent acts of aggression, then certain minimum-mandatory prison verdicts are immediately enforced against the defendant. This includes any event where a victim has been killed or even shot during the scene of the violent crime.
The penalties for serving 10-20-Life minimum-mandatory charges include:
    • Ten years of a minimum-mandatory prison sentence in cases where the firearm has been simply carried
    • Twenty years of a minimum-mandatory prison sentence in the event that the firearm has actually been discharged
    • At least 25 years of a minimum-mandatory prison sentence, which can also be extended up to life in prison where a person has been shot or killed during the attack

Committed, Personalized Support

You may be a weapons enthusiast, a gun owner, or an armament dealer in Orlando, and require specific support in accurately understanding Florida’s weapon and firearm laws. Or, you may be someone caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. No matter what your situation is, our committed weapons crimes defense attorneys at Alers Law Firm are here to offer you personalized support on your unique set of circumstances.

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