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At Alers Law Firm, our firm stands ready to offer quality legal representation to individuals accused of a wide array of felony offenses. Our team is devoted to aggressively pursuing strong defense strategies for our clients, standing by their side through every step of the proceeding. Whether you are facing felony charges at the state or federal level, you can rely on our defense firm.

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What Are Felonies?

In many cases, felony crimes are serious matters where an alleged victim was put in immediate danger, there was serious harm caused, large sums of money or high-value property was involved, there were previous convictions on record, or an individual was killed by the actions of the accused. Individuals that are tried and convicted of felonies will be referred to as convicted felons for the rest of their lives and they will lose privileges such as voting rights, gun ownership, and may not be able to obtain certain employment opportunities.

Felonies can be charged as a federal crime or a state crime, and include:

Depending on the circumstances of your crime, you could be facing prison or jail time, large fines, and a lifelong record as a felon. Even misdemeanor charges have the potential to be tried as felonies, and an elevated charge could cost you your civil liberties.

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At Alers Law Firm, we know that felony crimes require extensive evidence gathering, investigation into all aspects of the case, and diligent defense. We are proud to provide these services to our clients, and we offer trusted representation backed by experience from a former prosecutor and a positive reputation in our local community.

To better serve our Hispanic clients throughout Central Florida, we offer our services in both English and Spanish. Call today for a consultation.

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