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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Caught in a Federal Legal Storm? We're Here to Help

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Caught in a Federal Legal Storm? We’re Here to Help

You’ve found yourself in a situation that feels overwhelming. Facing federal charges is daunting, and the consequences can be severe. But you’re not alone. Our team of federal criminal defense lawyers is here to guide you through this storm, ensuring you understand every option and helping you fight for the best possible outcome.Simply put, any crime that violates federal law is charged in federal court. When it comes to federal criminal investigations, government agencies can be aggressive and relentless in their pursuit of evidence. These investigations often begin months before a criminal charge is formally filed. This doesn’t give you much time to plan a defense strategy!At the Alers Law Firm we have the experience and knowledge required to represent you in federal court. We are fiercely committing to protecting your rights during all phases of a federal criminal case.
Federal crimes include, but are not limited to:
    • Terrorism
    • Conspiracy
    • Counterintelligence
    • Theft
    • Crimes against civil rights
    • Cyber crimes
    • Arms trafficking
    • Racketeering
    • White collar crimes
We’re available 24/7! If you’re facing a federal conviction, contact Alers Law Firm at 407-930-4888

Federal Crime Penalties in Florida

You can face severe legal consequences if you’re convicted of a federal offense. Your best defense against a criminal charge is a lawyer who isn’t afraid to go on the offense for your sake. Our trial-tested criminal defense attorneys are familiar with federal laws and excel in assembling effective defense strategies for our clients.
The penalties of a federal conviction can include:
    • Imprisonment
    • Costly fines
    • Restitution to any victims
    • Forfeiture of assets
    • Capital punishment
    • Probation
    • Mandatory counseling

Understanding Your Charges and Your Rights

Federal crimes carry significant weight and consequences. From allegations of fraud to serious drug charges, the stakes are higher, and so is the level of scrutiny. Feeling anxious or unsure is normal, but knowledge is power. Here, we’ll walk you through your charges and your rights, ensuring you’re fully prepared to face what comes next.

How We Help

Your Defense Strategy – Tailored and TenaciousBuilding Your Defense Every case is unique, and so is our approach. We begin by understanding your story and the specifics of your case. Then, we craft a defense strategy tailored just for you, focusing on the strongest arguments and the most effective tactics.Negotiating on Your Behalf Not all battles are fought in court. When possible, we negotiate to reduce your charges or even get them dismissed. We aim for a resolution that minimizes your penalties and protects your future.Going to Trial If your case goes to trial, you need a team that’s as prepared and proactive as you deserve. We bring rigorous attention to detail and relentless advocacy to the courtroom, standing up for you at every turn.Supporting You Every Step of the Way Facing federal charges can be isolating, but you won’t have to go through it alone. We provide continuous support and guidance, keeping you informed and confident from start to finish.

Why Choose Us

Committed to Your Case, Committed to YouChoosing the right lawyer is crucial. Our team is not just skilled in the law; we’re passionate about justice and dedicated to our clients. We believe everyone deserves a robust defense, and we pledge to provide it by being your advocate, your voice, and your support.

The Risks of Going It Alone

The Real Costs of Not Having an Experienced LawyerNavigating federal defense on your own is risky. The complexity of federal laws means that misunderstanding your rights or the legal process can lead to harsher penalties or missed opportunities for defense. With so much at stake, can you afford not to have an expert in your corner?

Ready to Talk? We’re Here When You Need Us

Our lines are always open for you. Whether you’re ready to start your defense or just have more questions, we’re here to provide the answers and assurance you need.

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At Alers Law Firm, we offer our clients unmatched legal service and representation. Our firm is available to you 24/7.You’ll never feel uninformed or uncertain about the status of your case while our federal crime attorneys represent you. As your steadfast advocate, our goal is to help you understand the legal process so you can make knowledgeable decisions about your future.

We’re with you every step of the way.

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