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No matter the scope or type of drug crime accusations you are facing, it is important that you take action to protect yourself and your rights. At Alers Law Firm, we are proud to offer quality representation and effective defense for our clients throughout Orange County and the Orlando area. We aggressively pursue favorable resolutions to our client’s cases and we will work hard to defend you in a court of law, using the full extent of our experience, including work as a former prosecutor.

Every client that retains the representation of one of our Orlando drug crimes lawyers will be treated with respect and offered individualized attention. We even offer our services in English and Spanish to best serve our clients throughout Central Florida.

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Florida Drug Laws

The state of Florida recognizes various drug offenses as punishable criminal acts, and Alers Law Firm can help defend you against charges such as:

  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Sale, possession, or cultivation of marijuana
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Selling and distribution
  • Drug trafficking
  • Sale of drugs to a minor
  • Possession of a controlled substance without a prescription

When you work with our Orlando drug crime lawyers, we will look into every aspect of your case, including the investigation, the search and seizure of the drug or paraphernalia, and your arrest. If it is found that your rights were violated in any manner, we will use that information as critical evidence in support of your defense.

Drug Court

Many parts of Florida, including Orange County have a program called Drug Court. There are a few tracks people can take in Drug court and the most common is Diversionary Drug Court, which is for people with very limited or no criminal history and can result in all charges being dropped at completion. The other two are Probationary which is for people who have violated probation, and the other is post plea which is for people with extensive criminal history. Entrance into the program requires the offender to agree that if that fail to complete it, a guilty plea will automatically be entered. It can also cost the offender up to $900.

The general idea of the program is to get drug offenders to go through extensive rehabilitation by incentivizing them with less or no jail time and lowered or dropped charges. By lowering or dropping the charges it facilitates the offender’s ability to be a functioning member of society. There are three main phases and then aftercare in the Drug Court program:

Phase 1
  • 60 days long
  • 3 group meetings per week
  • 6 individual counseling sessions
  • Meeting with a judge bi-weekly
  • Random urinalysis (Drug testing)
Phase 2
  • 60 days long
  • 2 group meetings per week
  • Meeting with a judge bi-weekly
  • 2 self-help meetings per week
  • Random Urinalysis
Phase 3
  • Minimum of 45 days
  • 1 group session per week
  • 3 self-help meetings per week
  • 1 counseling session per week
  • Random Urinalysis
  • Meeting with a judge once per month
After care
  • Meeting with a judge once a month
  • 1 group session per week
  • Random Urinalysis

Fight Your Drug Charges with Help from Alers Law Firm

After an arrest, it is important that you take action and protect yourself and your future. You should not go up against prosecutors without the representation of our experienced Orlando criminal defense attorneys from Alers Law Firm.

For more information on how our office can help you fight your drug charges, call us at and schedule a consultation with our office. We serve clients throughout Orange County and Osceola County.

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