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Have you been accused of identity theft? Because millions of Americans suffer from this crime every year, state and federal consequences are notoriously harsh. Florida is one of the most targeted states in the country, which means you’re at more risk of an unfair conviction due to higher vigilance and stricter regulations. Furthermore, misunderstandings regarding the proper use of data abound, particularly because of complex and ever-changing internet laws.

Even if you obtain someone’s information with no intention of using it for criminal purposes, you still may be vulnerable to a conviction you don’t deserve. You may have accidentally obtained someone’s information because it was mailed to the wrong address. In another instance, a friend might have offered you their information so you could apply for a loan with a higher chance of approval. This is still illegal, however, as you and your friend could face charges for participating in fraudulent activity. To avoid a conviction, they may be motivated to claim they never gave you permission to use their information.

At Alers Law Firm, we will fight tirelessly against aggressive prosecutors to help you preserve your reputation and freedom. Whether the potential consequence you face is a small fine or years in prison, we will listen to your story with close attention to detail and devise our strategy accordingly.

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What Is Identity Theft?

Identify theft is the act of using someone else’s personal information to assume their identity or commit other fraudulent activities, usually for economic gain.

People commit identity theft in order to:
    • Steal money directly from various accounts
    • Make purchases or apply for loans
    • Lease or purchase vehicles
    • See a doctor or get prescription drugs
    • Establish credit
    • File bankruptcy
    • Gain employment

The personal data may include their name, driver’s license information, Social Security number, bank or credit card account numbers, or insurance information. Due to today’s prevalence of mobile apps, personal information is often poorly secured and easily accessible.

Consequences of an Identity Theft Conviction in Florida

In Florida, identity theft with criminal intent is typically classified as a third-degree felony. if someone commits identity theft to obtain more than $5,000 of funds or property, or they use the information of 10-19 individuals, they can be charged with a second-degree felony. A first-degree felony requires a gain of at least $50,000 or the use of 20 or more individuals’ information.

Other factors that may complicate the classification of identity theft include:
    • Using the information to harass others
    • Larceny (false personation)
    • Using a minor’s information (even if the minor is their child)
    • Using a deceased person’s information

Punishments may include probation, imprisonment, fines, and/or restitution (financial compensation for the victim). Because we understand how devastating a criminal conviction can be, our goal is to help you lessen these penalties or avoid them altogether.

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As with any criminal accusation, seeking qualified legal support as soon as possible is essential for the preservation of your freedom. Alers Law Firm will work tenaciously toward a favorable outcome for your case. We will thoroughly examine all evidence, expose gaps in the prosecutor’s arguments, and work to demonstrate either your lack of criminal intent or your lawful acquisition of the plaintiff’s information. After all, you are innocent until proven guilty.

Don’t wait to free yourself from these accusations. Call to speak with one of our experienced identity theft lawyers or schedule your case evaluation today.

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